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Introduce Toan Phat commercial

  • 16/10/2011


Combining the years of experiences, good services and best products, Toan Phat commit to providing a quality services to all of our customers from straightforward orders for items such as glass washers, microwaves, ovens, dish washers etc to complete bespoke commercial kitchen design and installation.

Being highly experienced in the industry from an engineering background, we are always’ happy to carry out an on-site survey for any requirement you may have to ensure that you receive the best product for your business first time whilst alleviating the danger of purchasing a product that might not necessarily be what you need.


Kitchen Design

We can take care of your complete kitchen installation project from start to finish.  For expert advice,  specification and pricing through to installation and commissioning.   Let us use our vast industry experience to design and supply your kitchen.  We can accommodate any size project from small bars & , cafés to large restaurants.

Call us now on (84 – 8)3 505 7480  for more details

About commercial kitchen, we always perceive the importance of safety, so we greatly ensure to provide you with the safest products. Our designed are always systematical and simultaneous to reduced the risk during cooking. Besides that, we will give you the instruction of how to use our products most safely and effectively, so you would most likely to choose us.

Toan Phat, with many years of experience in executing both big and small projects inside and outside Viet Nam, greatly believe to serve any projects from the very small one like in restaurant, food stall, café shop to the very big one like in resort, industrial zone, factory, hospital, and school. With our professional service and maintenance, we are proud to bring you the safest and most comfortable stove systems in factory and in restaurant. Let our experienced staffs leave you with the most pleasure and secure of our system.


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