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20/09/2011 23:10 PM Apple's iOS 5 upgrade causing problemsApple's newly-released operating system, iOS 5, has been causing problems for some of those trying to download it. read more
20/09/2011 23:08 PM e-Commerce boom calls for online certificationHA NOI — Finding a suitable model and policies for the application of international Certificate Authority (CA) in Viet Nam is an urgent demand by management agencies because e-commerce is perceived as a vital tool for attracting foreign investment and facilitating businesses in transactions with the world market. read more
16/08/2011 16:54 PM Mekong farmers ignore gov't machinery subsidiesHA NOI — Farmers in the southern region have shown little interest in borrowing capital under a programme designed to help them purchase agricultural machinery, the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development has said. read more
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