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  • 07/01/2017

According to feng shui, placing the kitchen in suitable place not only helps bring good fortune, but also for the health of the owner. These are principles drawn from our forefathers for centuries, became a science which later also a lot of people have researched.

 So how to place precisely kitchen according to feng shui:

- First, the kitchen is not facing the toilet door, because the toilet is where many germs and the airflow is not good, easy to cause disease through ingestion.

- Also avoid placing near the bedroom or opposite the bedroom, because the kitchen is where heat and smoke are more toxic oil, affecting the rest of the owner. Nor should put the kitchen in the corner or sharp corners, in addition to cases of force majeure.

- Direction set to matching supply kitchen patron coordinates that hung sand direction. Train subjects (the kitchen) to put in the good direction just hung gas overpower the fresh air has been sucked. It will help the fortune of the owner fruitful.

bep cong nghiep


- The kitchen also should not set direction than the police. Kitchen placed in direction usually kidney damage, eyesight, blood pressure or cause sores itch weathered misconduct.

- If your home is close to the east in the bow stem, the west, the police in providing Snake, then look at the supply southbound Pig, north you look at the supply Thin, east-south, then look at the stubborn, Northwest the midday close in supply ...
- Want to cook the food is always delicious, you should put the kitchen at Thien y direction, of course, there is the contribution of the skilled cooking cabinet minister. In particular, put the kitchen in this direction is beneficial for women.

- You should also avoid placing the kitchen just below the bar. By pressure on the kitchen bar owner financing cost amortization. Kitchen location should ensure harmonious lighting, avoid being too damp, dark, doors must have ventilation, deodorant for air circulation.

- According to feng shui, the kitchen that also must avoid the wind, avoid the road where there otherwise would disadvantage the owner of wealth. Kitchens should be placed at providing interoperability and supply all the paint (the rear of the house) should be placed in the same home. Doors must be compatible with the kitchen stove where the wealth of the owner will be found, family prosperity.

- Color harmony to the kitchen. The kitchen should not let stagnant water. By Marauder hydration, water stagnation in the kitchen making the host more susceptible to neurological diseases, blood gas, psychological disorders, especially not good for pregnant women. If you do not have a baby, the child is very difficult road even though the two did not get sick about reproductive issues.

- Kitchen also should not be placed on the wells, tunnels withdrawal. Place the stove at these locations and their homeowners often sick, indoor air is often discord.

- In the modern home, often combined with kitchen hood, sink. You need to put on the stove hood. And the sink is not higher than the kitchen, away from where the fire for at least 60 cm.

- Those are the principles of feng shui in the kitchen. However, each location has a kitchen space as well as areas or different layout, so the application of the above principles also require creativity and experience of the designer. In fact, not many kitchens can satisfy all of these principles, however, consider the appropriate principles and convenient way to apply for your kitchen, to help bring about a lot of wealth and your good health.

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