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  • 07/01/2017


The restaurant now has to ensure the safety of food?

Food safety ensures the processes from the import. The imported food has an original source, be certificated relating to the safety and quarantine. The processing tools are also needed to ensure hygiene, including processing
methods need to be safe. Food preservation is very important as well. In terms of procedure, the institutions generally catering business and restaurant business owners, food in particular when official launch must have certificates of food safety from Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

Why is having a certificate of Food Hygiene and Safety?

Currently, many business owners catering kitchen design industrial systems substandard, leading to many threats from food poisoning diners. Thus a definition of food safety is all about conditions, necessary measures from production, processing, storage, distribution, transport and use in order to ensure food for clean, safe, not harmful to the health and lives of consumers.

Therefore, food safety is a responsibility that requires the involvement of many sectors, many stages related to food, such as agriculture, veterinary, food processing facilities, healthcare, and consumers.

The situation of food safety at present.

The preservation of food is not properly facilitated bacterially and mold growth has led to cases of food poisoning.

The diseases caused by food poisoning are not only acute diseases but also chronic diseases caused by infection and accumulation of toxic substances from the external environment into the food, causing the metabolic disorders substances in the body, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Food safety in running restaurant business

When running a restaurant business, investors firstly focus on design a system-standard kitchen food safety.
The kitchen area in the system must be streamlined and logical, in order to avoid overlap between the areas together and easy to follow the raw food mixed with main food.

In addition, the restaurant owners choose the safe kitchen equipment, prestige from famous suppliers. Because just a bad device has will jeopardize food.

The food preservation equipment such as industrial refrigerators, freezers industrial, industrial coolers ensure standards for the restaurant and make food safe.

In short, food safety is important when running restaurant business or other catering business. Business people need to find out why the state law enacted to comply with and refer to the experienced contractor in the field of an industrial kitchen to get the best advice on this matter.

As a unit design and construction systems for restaurant kitchens, Toan Phat always pay attention to the issue of food safety for the restaurant, so we always advise to design and supply of kitchen equipment accordingly, ensuring food safety for the restaurant.

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