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  • 31/12/2016

A professional bar not only helps your restaurant, bar become luxury, noble, but also makes dispensing beverages quicker and more convenient than ever. However, not everyone knows how to design professional bar.


First of all, let's find out how a professional and efficiency restaurant bar is:
Materials used to make bar and devices are usually stainless steel or stone bar, but now people often use 304 stainless steel because of high durability, ease of installation, safety, and hygiene.
Determining the size of the bar to allocate the number of stations suitable preparation, usually from 1-5 dispensing stations. For some small areas such as Bar Hotel Bar, Restaurant Bar, and serving the available drinks or vitamins are usually just one station and one mixture preparation. For the professional club Bar layout usually 2, 3 or more stations.
A structure of dispensing stations: Each dispensing area typically has 1 stainless steel ice boxes and the Rack will be located around ice boxes and used to set the bottle Rail, and the trays for fruits, leaves or other materials that Bartenders need to dilute. The bar is always professional design layout to accommodate as many wine and fruit, preparing as more ingredients as possible.

Another integral part area is a bar sink, which is placed next to the ice box. Bars sinks are often small, just enough to wash your hands, rinse the cup and pour the leftover drinks. Below the sink, there is a stainless steel trash. Some modern Bar is also installed glass coated equipment glass for fast page serving diners in the rush hour.
Here are the beautiful samples relating to the production and installation Bar, Bar Restaurant which is designed by Toan Phat for customers. A professional bar will put a lot of things and everything is within reach.


Toan Phat is proud to be a professional in the field of design, production of construction Bar, Bar Restaurant, Hotel, Bar Club, from the simple to the professional to the Bar, Cafe, Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern province. Bar is designed by Toan Phat not only durable, aesthetic, scientific, convenient, but also reasonable price, meet the requirements of even the most demanding of customers. We are proud to be the construction company for many largest  Bar in Ho Chi Minh such as Sai Gon Glow Sky Bar, Play Bar, The Racha Room Bar & Restaurant ...
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