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  • 31/12/2016

On July 2015, Unox officially launched a new product line, multifunction oven - Unox Mind Map, with smart features such as using the touch screen, hundreds of available recipes to be installed. Unox mind map will bring unexpected experiences for your cooking process.

With the dramatic improvements comparing to the product lines Top Chef
Unox Mind Map uses greater and smarter color control panel, located at the right of the oven, uses the stylus to draw a diagram of the cooking parameters grilled like time, temperature and humidity. Therefore, choosing the parameters are easier, more efficient and faster than ever.    


Convection propeller is designed with larger, more powerful, capable of producing faster and humidity at temperatures lower than previously (30 to 35 ° C) for more fresh food cooked, without losing the weight of the food after cooking.

Moreover, Unox Mind map brings about the same results for all food in all the trays in the oven, by getting to know the different time between the tray load (such as first trays and final trays entered, in spite of different time but the results are perfectly the same).

Another great feature of the new product line is the menu of dishes in the oven which is built visually vivid. Chefs can choose what they want to cook dishes. For example, the chef can easily decide the result of grilled chicken like underdone, medium, or overcooked without additional choice.
Mind map
Unox has the 4-year warranty for all components and a technical fault of the manufacturer, with one condition that customers use the product precisely and prestige chemicals. The warranty brings the highest belief for the customers.

Unox Mind map gives customers more choices for different sizes:

GN 2/1: 20 trays, 10 trays, 6 trays

GN 1/1: 20 trays, 10 trays, 7 trays, 5 trays

for 2 lines ONE and PLUS.
For further information about the products, customers can refer at http://www.unox.com/en/professional-combi-oven-cheftop

Toan Phat is proud to be one of the official representative and 
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