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  • 07/01/2017

Ventilation hood is a smart solution to bring an airy and fresh atmosphere for the kitchen space.
 In the industrial kitchen, kitchen needs continuous high frequency, the smell of smoke in the kitchen a lot, not only cause loss of food safety but also affect the health of the chefs and staffs in the kitchen.

Some pictures of the hood system for restaurants that Toan Phat constructed

So the design and installation of fume extraction systems for kitchen deodorant is very important. A good fume extraction systems are not only capable 
of good deodorant hood but also must have low noise, and high reliability, makes the restaurant owners can be assured of long-term use for your kitchen.

To meet all the requirements 
of hood system, the construction company must have experienced in determining the installation position hood and exhaust fan, to select the correct capacity exhaust fans not only ensure good suction and energy saving fan power by choosing the right fit. Also the distance between the shooting hood with brown kitchen should fit, avoid ignition when you are processing fried foods, fried.

quạt hút khói                     
The excessive accumulation of fat in the hood and metal filters may cause fire or dripping, so you should clean the inside of the vacuum or metal filter at least once a month. Also, not to operate the gas stove without the above items, the fat accumulates in the metal filter can catch fire or
melt down when temperatures climb. You can remove the filter out and soak in warm water mixed with soap and a soft brush to scrub the dirt, then wipe it dry before laying back. If the layer of a deodorizing filter using activated charcoal, you should replace periodically after about 120 hours of use. Use soapy water to clean the outside of the vacuum, do not use abrasives or trowel machine scratch. You should unplug it from the appliance before you clean it.

To achieve the maximum performance you should incorporate more exhaust fans or open windows to get a real kitchen ventilation.

Toan Phat is the reputation and experience in the field of consulting - design and construction of fume extraction systems for many restaurants, hotels and industrial kitchens in Vietnam. We are committed to bringing the best solutions on the hood - deodorant for customers, a lot of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets have trust and cooperation for construction Toan Phat hood system for the kitchen as:

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