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02/04/2014 07:35 AM Thien An Restaurant May 01/2013 Toan Phat Corp has sign a contract to supply kitchen equipment and exhausted hood systems for Thien An restaurants. read more
02/04/2014 00:46 AM Sen Que Restaurant May 08/2013, construction projects with industrial kitchen system worth more than 700 million were signed between Toan Phat Corp and Sen Que restaurant. read more
02/04/2014 00:43 AM Saigon Precision Co., Ltd.Through much collaboration and exchange, Toan Phat Corp has signed a contract with Saigon Precision Co., Ltd., undertaking construction gas systems. The project was carried out in accordance with standard items and have certified fire safety. read more
02/04/2014 00:34 AM Framas Vietnam Co., Ltd.Supply of equipment for gas Framas Vietnam is one of the projects in the 4th quarter 2012 of Toan Phat Cor. After undergoing survey, Toan Phat proposed gas equipment needed for industrial gas systems, suitable with requirement and consistent with the budget of company. read more
02/04/2014 00:28 AM SEMCO MARITIME VIETNAM JSCWith the expansion of new manufacturing facility in Vung Tau, Semco Maritime Vietnam has selected Toan Phat Corp provide exhausted hood system for industrial buildings. read more
02/04/2014 00:13 AM Bia College - Beer GardenBeer College is one of the preferred customer choice Toan Phat Corp to provide quality kitchen equipment and necessary for a restaurant. read more
01/04/2014 23:59 PM Seoul and shops Co., LtdDecember 2012 , Seoul Shop Deli has selected Toan Phat Corp are unit provides kitchen equipment, air conditioning and exhausted hood system for restaurant. read more
20/03/2014 16:03 PM Install Exhaust Hood System for Co.op Extra Supermarket ChainMarch 15, 2013 Toan Phat Corp has signed a construction contract to install Exhaust Hood Systems for Co.op Extra Supermarket Chain. read more
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