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  • 31/12/2016

Hoa Sen company located at Road No. 6, Trang Bang Industrial Zone, An Tinh Commune, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh, established in late 2001, is an enterprise manufacturing and trading of garments with 100% Foreign investment capital. Although the management and use of a large number of employees, but for many years Hoa Sen company has done well social insurance policies, health insurance for employees, as well as to ensure the provisions of the law on the regime wages, working time, rest time, the regime for female workers.
Over many fluctuations of the market economy coupled with the impact of the global economic crisis, but Hoa Sen company still rise sales year over year and many certificates of merit from the levels and sectors. In parallel, the lives of workers siblings always been concerned, caring, social responsibility of companies such as taxes, the environment, social welfare, charitable, always be sure ... newspaper. It is said that Hoa Sen company is a typical enterprise ensure the harmony of interests of business and workers in difficult economic conditions as at present.


Always appreciated in ensuring hygiene and safety for workers in the dining area of the company, Hoa Sen company has entrusted the Toan Phat Corp System to install gas system according to the number of contract 0711TP / 2014.
Toan Phat always is proud when customers choose us the professional contractor in the field of construction and installation of a gas warehouse, central gas systems, industrial gas supply systems. Toan Phat hope with the quality of service and thoughtful maintenance mode, we will continue to receive much attention cooperation of the buildings, restaurants, hotels, schools, companies ... in future!
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