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  • 31/12/2016

ROHTO MENTHOLATUM company is known by consumers through ophthalmic products V.Rohto. In 1996, the company Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan) was a representative office in Vietnam and introduced products V. Rohto eye drops and lip balm LipIce to Vietnamese consumers. Since then, the company has produced a variety of products for young people interested in issues of skin care, hair, lips, etc.


Economic Contract No. KT20140329 / Rohto - VN was signed between the Toan Phat corp and the company ROHTO MENTHOLATUM. ROHTO Mentholatum Company was full confidence when choosing Toan Phat Phat units to provide a cool table at The Mentholatum Company ROHTO 16, Road No. 5, VSIP, Thuan An, Binh Duong. This agreement confirms once again the credibility and quality of the company of Toan Phat

Toan Phat is proud to provide genuine industrial refrigerators from famous brands Berjaya (Malaysia) with experience. Customer care services dedicated and thoughtful, we'll make sure to give customers satisfaction and most reassuring product. In addition, Toan Phat consult, design, construct, and install of industrial kitchen systems for many restaurants, hotels and industrial parks throughout the southern region.Toan
Phatwhere given posts beliefs quality for all projects.


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