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Seoul and shops Co., Ltd

  • 01/04/2014

Seoul and shops Co., Ltd
Seoul and shops Co., Ltd are investors of the food chain branded Seoul Deli & Shop. In HCMC, Seoul Deli & Shop has 3 branches, restaurant specializes in servcing Korean -style fast food with delicious traditional dishes, nutritious and cheap. Restaurant are designed with modern style, quick service, convenience has become an exciting destination for families and young people.

Since December 2012 , Seoul Shop Deli has selected Toan Phat Corp are unit provides kitchen equipment, air conditioning and exhausted hood system for restaurant. With the system open kitchen clean, Seoul Deli & Shop has serviced good food with the most reasonable price .
Please contact Toan Phat Corp if you really want a package solution, saving, smartest guarantees investment restaurant for your kitchen. Customers can refer to more information about kitchen solution construction restaurant here.

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