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- Brand: Scotsman
- Model: 
- Capacity: 230kg/day
- Dimesion : 850 (W) x 690 (D) x 715 (H) mm
The Scotsman C0630MA is an air-cooled ice machine cuber head by Scotsman. This ice maker measures 30-inches in width, and has been tailored to the needs of commercial and industrial applications. In ideal conditions, the Scotsman C0630MA can produce up to 776 pounds of small-sized cube ice every day. Standard medium cube ice measures 7/8" x 7/8" x 7/8". Medium cube ice is ideal for beverage applications where dilution is undesirable, such as iced coffees and cocktails.

The Scotsman C0630MA belongs to Scotsman's Prodigy Series. Scotsman's Prodigy Series ice machines are purposely engineered to minimize water and energy waste. While the Scotsman C0630MA is designed to be used primarily with 30-inch ice bins, its 30-inch size makes it versatile enough to be compatible with a number of different sized bins. The Scotsman C0630MA uses an air-cooled self-contained condenser, which helps reduce water waste. Businesses that require a medium to high volume of ice, such as hotels, nightclubs, and hospitals, will find the Scotsman C0630MA able to meet their ice making demands.

The Scotsman C0630MA has been built with Scotsman's AquaArmor anti-microbial technology. AquaArmor uses AgIon antiseptic compound. This compound has been incorporated into every surface that water or ice touches to prevent the growth of water-borne pathogens, including bacteria, amoebae, mold, and algae. The Scotsman C0630MA produces safe, high-quality ice for your customers, clients, patients, or employees.

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