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Model: PT500 
* There are three washing modes: Fast, medium & slow 
* Water consumption 2.5 liters / basket
* Wash temperature: 62 ° C 
* Drying temperature: 85 ° C 
* Maximum Capacity: 60 baskets / hour 
* Basket size: 500x500mm 
* Size: 635x750x1485mm 
* New 100% CBU from Germany 
Dishwasher Industrial PT500 is the latest product of the brand dishwasher world famous Winterhalter.
Products CBU from Germany, Worldwide Development imported directly.
Quality standards of Europe, designed durable, corrosion-resistant materials when exposed to chemical cleaners.
Dishwasher industry is one of the nifty devices in industrial kitchens, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, industrial meals. Dishwasher Winterhalter with unique design, help wash the dishes extremely clean type with the fastest time, less than 1 minute for a basket of dishes.

Not only does the design upper and lower wash arms intelligent, industrial dishwasher Winterhalter PT500 can wash the cups that little dishwasher can wash more.

Ultra-clean filter system of industrial dishwasher Winterhalter help residue was purified more times than any other machine, which significantly increases the plant life while saving a significant amount of water for users.

With temperatures up to 80 degrees C forehead to help sterilize the dishes after washing the dishes after washing dry in just 10 seconds, and can be brought into use immediately.

Dishwasher is not only an extremely convenient device in the kitchen industry for this product saves considerable time, labor, water, chemicals ... but also provide professional, to important for the kitchen. Wash dishes in the dishwasher dishes not only cleaner but also convenient and can be brought into use immediately after washing.

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