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UNOX XVC 905P Cheftop Combi Oven

- Brand: UNOX
- Model: XVC 905P
- Power: Electricity
- Capacity: 20 GN 2/1
- Pitch: 66mm
- Frequency: 50/60 Hz
- Voltage 400V ~ 3N
- Electrical power: 29.7 kW
- Dimension (WxDxH mm): 866x972x1866
- Weight (kg): 183


Versatility and precision for restaurants and hotels

ChefTop™ is the ideal oven for professional chefs with varied needs in today’s contemporary restaurant.

The ChefTop™ fits every need with ease. Precision and functionality are combined in the UNOX technology to provide the chef with the ultimate control of the cooking process.

Always perfect coking result

The ChefTop™ Combi ovens line provides perfect cooking in every situation.
Maximum performance and reliability are guaranteed in any conditions and load.

ChefTop™ ovens benefit from the performances of the most advanced Unox applied technologies: 
ChefTop™ is an innovative Combi that contains the best technologies patented by Unox. ChefTop™ is an oven different from all the others because it is designed and developed in collaboration with chefs and the most advanced research institutes in the world.
A wide range of accessories available create an extremely versatile machine, making it even easier to work with in the kitchen.
ChefTop™ is available in electric and gas power

Unox is a leading manufacturer of professional ovens. Easy, intuitive and versatile solutions, designed to be an effective and efficient support for any professional chef. Unox is committed in its research for performance and quality of cooking and baking

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