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31/03/2014 22:25 PM Design - Construction - Supply Japanese Restaurant EquipmentToan Phat Corp is one of the reputable contractors in the field of design - construction of a restaurant kitchen systems in Vietnam. We have the experience in the field of designing, constructing Japanese restaurants. We will give customers the best service as consultancy - design and execution - installation - the long-term warranty kitchen... read more
28/03/2014 23:03 PM Construction, Installation Of Cold Storage For Supermarket, Restaurant, HotelToan Phat Corp is proud to be a professional contractor for the design , construction and installation of cold storage industry, design and construction packages tunnel ventilation, freezing conveyors, refrigeration systems for the restaurants, hotels , resorts , schools , hospitals, supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh city and the eastern or south... read more
28/03/2014 21:53 PM Toan Phat Corp specialize in maintenance, repalcement Industrial Gas EquipmentIn industrial kitchen, the ensuring food safety and prevention of fire are two important factors. The gas appliances using prolonged as gas valve used for high capacity, prolonged exposure to oil caused leaking gas prone items. Perennial gas valve is easy leakage, leading to explosion and the kitchen equipment during use can be damage, that is... read more
27/03/2014 22:53 PM Install Ventilation System - Exhaust Hood System for Industial Kitchen, Restaurant KitchenToan Phat Corp is the company with many years of experience in the field of construction Hoods system for restaurant kitchen, kitchen industry reputation and quality. We specialize in new construction and installation of smoke extraction system, deodorizing kitchens, installing exhaust fans, smoke hoods, each produced in accordance with the size... read more
23/08/2013 10:56 AM THE INDUSTRIAL GAS TANKToan Phat Company is proud to be a professional contractor of installing an industrial gas tank, providing a service for blowing LPG and a service for maintaining and repairing gas tanks, and also installing the gas system for companies... read more
23/08/2013 10:16 AM TOÀN PHÁT – THE CONTRACTOR OF DESIGN AND INSTALL COMMERCIAL KITCHEN & RESTAURANT KITCHEN.Toan Phat is in the full pride of being one of many contractors that has longtime-experienced and our creativities never cease in the field of Commercial kitchen Design & installation in Vietnam. read more
13/02/2012 11:01 AM INSTALLING GAS SYSTEM AT RESTAURANTS – FOODCOURTToàn Phát is a versatile company with a long time of experience in producing – constructing – installing Gas Systems for not only restaurants but also many hotels, factories or schools and hospitals. read more
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