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  • 13/02/2012


Are you managing a restaurant-food court or preparing to open your own one?
Are you hoping for a safe and secure condition while using kitchen equipments?



Toàn Phát is a versatile company with a long time of experience in producing – constructing – installing Gas Systems for not only restaurants but also many hotels, factories or schools and hospitals. We bring you a lot of convenient services of designing-installing Gas Systems below:

·         Gas System with 2 gas bottles – 3 gas bottles for small-scaled restaurants.
·         Gas System with 10 – 20 gas bottles for the kitchens of large-scaled restaurants.
·         Centre Gas System for the kitchens of larger restaurants, hotels, resorts.
·         Renew, regenerate the longyear Gas Systems.
·         Provide equipments of Gas and additional cords’s valves.
·         Provide Industrial Gas with weights of 12kg – 45kg – 50kg.
·         Distribute both wholesale and retail Industrial Gas Stoves.

Some specifications about how Toàn Phát Company constructs and installs Gas System:

·         All gas pipes are perfectly made of steel.
·         Cords from the main pipe to gas bottle are dedicated – the number 1 type imported from India or Thailand.
·         Gas ‘s valves are absolutely safe and imported from France – Thailand – India – Korea.
·         Automatically gas shut - off when it has something wrong.
·         Equipped gas-leak detector and whistle blowers.
·         Designed to keep safe and prevent fire in the kitchen.
·         Certainly have all the fire safety standards according to the national laws.
With many adept employees and technicians always enthusiastically advise, design, produce and install Gas System for customers, we promise to give you:

·         The best service
·         The competitive price
·         The fastest time
·         Install in your house and also guide you how to use the gas system safely and effectively
·         Guarantee carefully

Especially Toàn Phát Company imports and distributes officially Gas Equipmentsand Gas Supplies from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India….such as safe valve equipments, pressurized valves, gas’s cords, auto shut-off gas systems, gas-leak detectors, industrial gas stoves, ….

Please contact us to have the best advices and prices.


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