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Nowadays, there are many bread, sweet bread, as well as ice cream cakes bakeries. Toan Phat would like to introduce the necessary equipment to invest in a bakery, specifically for each type of bread as follows:

Bread (also called Loaf bread - French Bread, due to less sugar & salt). Bread is divided into 2 types, full and hollow but the full one is usually more delicious.

thiet bi lam banh mi lat

Loaf bread bakery should invest on these machines:

· Dough mixer: used to knead dough.

· Dough rolling machine: used for rolling dough.

· Dough divider: used for dividing the weight of cake.

· Dough rolling machine: used for rolling and forming dough for cakes.

· Dough incubator, used to warm up fermented flour before baking, helps to expand the cake.

· Baking oven: Type with water spray function (steam water).

Steam water helps bread crunchy with beautiful color. There are two types of baking ovens: convection ovens and rotary ovens. The convection oven has a fan function and draws in to make the cake evenly cooked. The rotary oven has a roast wheel in the oven, the cake is more evenly cooked. For baked bread tray, it is necessary to have the wave plate (baguette tray) or perforated tray or stone grill floor (horizontal oven / oven with additional spray function). When the oven runs, the oven controls the temperature, ensure the heat always reaches the set level. Currently, the ovens often control electronics automatically to make baked cakes even, beautiful and saving energy.

Gateau cake bakery should invest on these machines:

· Mixer machine (small type, with many speed, the cage with the beaters are beaten to the beautiful ice cream).

· Egg whisk machine (using cages).

· Baking oven: horizontal oven or steam oven. The rotary oven cannot bake the cake.

· Refrigerator display cake (There are types of glass or curved glass). The refrigerator displays cream cakes that need high moisture to ensure the preservation of cream cakes for a long time.

lo nuong banh

Dessert cake bakery should invest on these machines:

· Egg whisk machine.

· Dough blending machine.

· Dough rolling machine.

· Dough divider.

· Dough rolling machine.

· Oven.

· Bread slicer.

· Cake display cabinet.

thiet bi lam banh

The bakery equipment as well as investment machines for bakeries have many origins, but most commonly mentioned are China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam. Toan Phat - a professional importer and distributor of bakery equipment for simple and professional bakeries of famous brand Berjaya, Malaysia such as flour mixer, dough rolling machine, baking oven, incubator powder, cake display cabinets ... All products provided by Toan Phat are genuine 12-month warranty, delivery and installation as required, thoughtful maintenance.

thiet bi lam banh

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