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If you are a fan of baked or fried dishes, it is impossible not to mention the aromatic and spicy taste of chili sauce. It can be seen that chili sauce contributes mostly in Vietnamese meals and dishes. However, with the situation of food safety, finding a decent bottle of chili sauce is always a problem for women.

So to ensure the safety of your health and your family, you can make chili sauce at home. Yes, pure and delicious chili sauce that are safe for health can be made at home. Your homemade chili sauce will be delicious, fresh, long-lasting and no preservatives.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

Make a way to make super delicious chili safer for your health right at home after this, no need to be skillful, you can also easily process quality chili sauce like outside a restaurant. Began work on it:


- Fresh chili: Prepare about 500 grams (half a pound of fresh chili).

You do not need to choose the type of chili too spicy or sweet peppers, the best is “chỉ thiên” chili.

Should choose medium-sized, ripe chili and not crushed or pestilent.

- Tomatoes: 2

To make chili sauce, tomatoes are indispensable.

Choose tomatoes that are fresh to create beautiful color.

If it is ripe tomatoes, the quality is even higher.

- Garlic:

You need to buy about 2 large garlic bulbs, about 50 grams for half a pound of chili is enough.

Should choose Vietnamese garlic which are small and juicy to make chili sauce more tasty.

- Other spices: sugar, salt and rice vinegar, flour

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

Make chili sauce at home:

Step 1: Pre-process ingredients.

- Rinse chili, remove stalks and rinse again with salt water and dry.

- Wash tomatoes and cut into shape.

- Finely chopped garlic and other ingredients, when making chili sauce, note that only chopped garlic and not crushed garlic because it will lose garlic water.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

Step 2: Grind the ingredients together

- If you are more careful, put all the ingredients of garlic, fresh chili and prepared tomatoes into a saucepan, pour 1-2 tablespoons of cooking oil into pan then stir for 1 minute and take all out.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

- Put all the cooked ingredients into a smoothie grinder. You can add a little water to the blending process to make it easier to grind.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

However, note that you can split it into pieces one by one to make sure the ingredients are smooth together, not clumping.

- Next, put the mashed mixture into the rails to remove the residue and tomato seeds and chili seeds. It helps the chili paste to ensure very smooth quality and free from lumps.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

- After you have the smooth mixture, put into the pan and continue to heat again. With the second cook, you need to taste and add other spices in the following proportions: 1coffee tablespoon of pure salt, 3 tablespoons coffee of white diameter, 1 teaspoon of rice vinegar. Mix the mixture well for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

During the cooking process, remember to stir the mixture regularly to prevent it from burning until the chili sauce starts to match. And remember to disinfect the jars containing chili sauce through boiling water again.

- Finally, turn off the heat and let the chili paste cool down. Put in the jar and store in the cool compartment of the refrigerator to use gradually. Note that you do not use preservatives in making chili sauce, so only store for 5 to 7 days in the refrigerator. So consider making small amount that fit your family's needs to avoid waste.

Cach lam tuong ot tai nha

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