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In a restaurant or industrial kitchen that serves hundreds to thousands of people every day to eat and drink, cleaning all kitchen utensils and dishes is really a very difficult problem. In the past, chefs or restaurant owners could only use their strength to solve the process of washing dishes. This is both time-consuming and difficult to control quality, consuming a lot of resources. So the industrial dishwasher has many outstanding features and advantages that are born to thoroughly solve these problems. Dishwasher has becoming an effective "assistant" to help you effectively solve dirty dishes and kitchen utensils, help ensure food hygiene and safety. Dishwasher offers many outstanding advantages that you can't deny.

may rua chen cong nghiep

1. Advantages of industrial dishwasher

Higher cleaning quality in comparison to hand-washing

The traditional dishwashing method does not wash and sterilize all dishes, not to mention if the person washing is not careful, the risk of infection is very high. Industrial dishwasher with superior design, powerful water spray hand washing systems, wash temperature up to 85 degrees C and dry immediately after washing to help clean dishes and sterilization completely. The machine can be cleaned thoroughly and sterilized up to 99%, something that when you wash it by hand, you can't do it.

The difference between automatic dishwasher and hand washing



Industrial Dishwasher

Water temperature

Wash with normal temperature, lower than 40 degrees Celsius

The process of washing completely with hot water, the temperature can be up to 120 degrees Celsius

Washing time

Depending on the speed of the washer, hygiene is not guaranteed

Speed according to the preset cycle, ensuring food safety and hygiene

Fuel consumption

Depending on the person washing, if short will bring poor results, if long will take time, water and detergent

Automatic mechanism helps save electricity, water as well as detergent.

Hygiene and food safety

Failure to ensure food safety, pathogens and remaining bacteria results in increased pathogens and infection.

Ensure food safety. Sterilize, kill bacteria up to 99% thanks to hot water washing system, ensure health and hygiene.


There are no evaluation criteria. This is a dangerous health consequence.

Meet the regulations on food safety standards


may rua chen cong nghiep

Labor saving and washing time

    - Labor saving

    Why? With a capacity equivalent to 10 employees working throughout. When you own a dishwasher you can save a large monthly fee to hire employees.

    - Saving time 

    With a large operating capacity, it is possible to wash large quantities of dishes and utensils within an hour. So you can quickly solve the problem of dishes. Save a lot of time for your dishwashing.

    - Saving water and electricity

    The problem of electricity and water consumption is also a problem that makes you wonder. Compared to washing dishes by hand, water and electricity consumption is much lower. An industrial dishwasher is different from a household dishwasher in that it only takes one pump at a time and then heated it to be used for many subsequent washes without adding water or reheating. Therefore, you will save a big expense on electricity and water monthly. The amount of water for a cycle rinses less than 3 liters of water, thanks to the ability to reuse water for many wash cycles, saving costs.

    - Complete washing system with hot water

Dirty items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by the system thoroughly washed with hot water. Cold water after being put into the machine will be heated to help clean the item. Therefore, not only washing utensils is absolutely clean but also absolutely sterilizing up to 99%.

may rua chen cong nghiep

2. Disadvantages of industrial dishwasher

The cost of purchasing the original machine is quite high

All dishwashers in general and industrial dishwashers in particular suffer from a common disadvantage: the cost of first-time machines is quite high. This is understandable because the machine can meet the needs of customers. The components used ensure quality and are imported, contributing to ensuring durability and long service life of the machine.

However, one thing you don't expect is that compared to hiring employees, buying dishwashers is much more economical.

may rua chen cong nghiep

Not all dishes can be put into the dishwasher

Although dishwashers make cleaning work more efficient, they also have some limitations. Sometimes, some stubborn food debris remains on the plate even after cleaning with a dishwasher. This requires you to remove it by washing your hands or by reloading the dishwasher. Moreover, things aren't safe in dishwashers, like knives, porcelain and non-stick pans. Also, if the number of dishes increases, it will take longer to clean them.

However, compared to the outstanding advantages that dishwashers offer, investing an industrial dishwasher for a restaurant is a worthwhile consideration.

Toan Phat with over 10 years of experience in the field of designing and executing restaurant kitchen systems in Vietnam, we are proud to be the partner of WinterHalter dishwasher - Germany with outstanding quality and prestige. The brand is trusted worldwide.

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