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Industrial freezer is a very important device in restaurants, the main use of freezer is to store food in restaurants. In the one-way kitchen process, after being imported, the food will be prepared and sorted, and the food to be used will be cooked and unused food will be stored in the refrigerator. The fish meat will be frozen in the freezer, the vegetables will be stored in a cool cabinet. So in the design of restaurant kitchens, freezers are usually located near the processing area.

Restaurants often prioritize using 4-door freezers, with a capacity of about 1100 liters, which is quite suitable for many restaurants. The location of the freezer should not be too hot, which will adversely affect cabinets & large power consumption. If your restaurant does not have enough space you can use a 2-door freezer. It is not recommended to use a 6-wing cabinet because most of the 6-wing cabinets currently used with temperature in the kitchen are susceptible to problems and low durability.



There are many brands of industrial refrigerators currently on the market, the most popular in Vietnam today that can be mentioned as Malaysia's Berjaya freezer brand. This type of cabinet is quite good quality, affordable, beautifully designed, convenient, easy to clean, is a choice of many restaurants.

Currently there are many units providing industrial refrigerators as well as industrial freezers in the market. However, customers should choose a reputable and experienced supplier to properly advise you on the type of cabinets suitable for their needs, as well as having warranty policies, attentive maintenance and customer care. Reasonable goods, ensure peace of mind when using. Because the refrigerator is a very important device in the kitchen, if there is any damage during use, it will lead to food damage, a lot of damage to the restaurant, not to mention causing a stop for the restaurant activities. So a quick warranty from a reputable supplier is a very important factor.

Toan Phat is proud to be a design and construction unit, providing industrial kitchen equipment, industrial refrigerators, reputable industrial freezers and has a lot of experience in the market, we are committed to bringing products Best, have clear goods certificate, considerate service & prestige warranty, bring peace of mind & trust to customers during use.

Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support:

Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support:

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