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Hum Vegetarian Restaurant


Hum Vegetarian Restaurant is located on Vo Van Tan Street - District 3, adjacent to the city's attractions and shopping attractions. Hum Vegetarian Restaurant is designed in a gentle and cozy style, giving diners a cozy and quiet space. The shop is a suitable place for intimate meetings between groups of friends or family.

Because it is a vegetarian restaurant, Hum's dishes are nutritious, frugal, pure and natural. The dishes are made from beans, nuts, vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables. The restaurant does not use monosodium glutamate so customers are completely assured of health issues. The dishes when served for diners are presented carefully, skillfully so that customers can enjoy the sophistication of the dish. Not only that, drinks made from fresh vegetables and nuts combined with the creative make the taste of the drink always bold

According to the economic contract No. 0210 / TP / 2014, Toan Phat Company is the supplier of Berjaya kitchen equipment for Hum restaurant. Berjaya is a famous brand of restaurant kitchen equipment, industrial refrigerators, food processing equipment ... of Malaysia. Imported kitchen equipment products Berjaya brand is designed appropriately and conveniently for use in restaurant kitchens. Toan Phat is one of the importers and distributors of famous Berjaya kitchen equipment in Vietnam. Many customers are famous hotel restaurants in Vietnam who trust and use kitchen equipment imported brand Berjaya provided by Toan Phat. In order to ensure the best benefits for customers, Toan Phat also has an experienced kitchen technician team who is always ready to overcome problems of kitchens and industrial refrigerators for restaurants.


Head office: 469 - 471 Hoang Sa P.8 - District 3 - Ho Chi Minh City
Workshop:  14 13 National High Way, Vĩnh Phú, Thuận An Town, Bình Dương Province
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