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    An industrial refrigerator is a refrigeration device designed to cool food by creating and maintaining a specific cooling regime, including temperature, humidity, speed for the cooling environment, and can sometimes include air pressure and composition.

    Industrial refrigerators are often used in the food industry to provide large quantities of food supplies needed for a business purpose. So this is an essential and extremely important device in restaurants, industrial kitchens, luxury resorts ...

    tu lanh cong nghiep pk intertrade 4 canh

    4-wing refrigerator PK Intertrade with a large capacity, can contain many different types of food without smelling, combined with high-capacity air compressor system to keep the temperature stable, free-frosted even regularly open doors. In addition, PK Intertrade also has a digital control system, which controls cabinet parameters such as temperature, humidity, air composition, and can be adjusted to accommodate many other foods. together.

    tu lanh cong nghiep PK intertrade 4 canh

    Toan Phat is proud to be the distributor of PK INTERTRADE industrial refrigerator equipment in Vietnam. In addition, we also provide many products which are suitable for each of your needs such as display refrigerators, industrial refrigerators, industrial freezers ... We are committed to bring quality products, genuine import from the factory, and have reasonable warranty and maintenance policies for customers, leading to peace of mind for customers when using.

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