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    - Model: BS 2D / PCF6 / Z
    - Cooling capacity: 680
    - Temperature: 1ºC to 6ºC
    - Power: 230v / 1 / 50Hz / 220v / 1 / 60Hz
    - Volume: 156 kg
    - Size: 1800x 760x1080 mm

    Pizza Counter cooler from Berjaya is an environmentally friendly product with R404a refrigerant with automatic defrosting system to save power consumption. Cool table also has a blower system installed with fan to ensure cold temperature evenly in the area containing food to keep food fresh and delicious.

    In addition to its main function, the cooler is also equipped with convenient food trays to manipulate or display food. BERJAYA cool table is one of the cool and good quality table on the market today.

    BERJAYA is a famous Malaysian brand in manufacturing European kitchen appliances, refrigerators ..... Berjaya's industrial refrigerators are popular and trusted in many restaurants and hotels in Vietnam. .

    There are different sizes of cool tables such as 1m2 cool table, 1m5 cool table, 1m8 cool table or 2m1, 2m4, depending on the needs of each restaurant to choose the appropriate size. The cool table of BERJAYA is very convenient to install & store food and salad in restaurant kitchens.

    With a beautiful design, made of stainless steel from the inside out, cool tables ensure durability and good quality. Stainless steel design also makes cleaning and table cleaning easier. In addition, the table has a strong and durable surface area, very handy for food processing.

    With 230v / 1 / 50hz power, the cool table always maintains a temperature of 2ºC to 8ºC and can also control the temperature, helping to preserve the food optimally. You can choose to buy a variety of different table sizes or order from Toan Phat to get a more suitable table for different kitchen spaces.

    Toan Phat is a professional importer and distributor of quality industrial kitchen equipment. We offer a best price for customers, with a full service from delivery, installation & on-site operation, 1-year warranty, help customers feel secure during use.

    Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support:

    Head office: 469 - 471 Hoang Sa, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
    Showroom: 210 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3. Ho Chi Minh City

    Workshop: 457 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City
    Hotline: 08 9838 9838 - 0905 915 679
    Email: kien@toanphatcorp.vn - Website: www.toanphatcorp.vn

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