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    Salad cool table is a device to help preserve foods such as salad vegetables, and salad trays on the top of the cabinet is used to easily preserve and display salad vegetables ... for restaurants, cafes, shops, supermarkets, industrial kitchens.

     **** Performance

    - Cool salad table is designed with fast cooling capacity, stable in the temperature range from 1ºC to 6ºC to help store and preserve fresh prepared foods, vegetables and fruits in a nutritious way. It includes cooked foods, vegetables, fruits, and drinks, cold beer, and cans.

    - At the same time, salad table counter is covered with thick insulation which has better heat preservation and energy saving. This is the place to display all kinds of food on demand in a convenient and beautiful way for customers to use it freely anytime when you want.

    ban mat salad berjaya

    *** Structure of Salad Cool Table Berjaya

    - The top of the table is designed to contain stainless steel trays with a food lid and is equipped with a cooling system.

    - The bottom part is the cool compartments to preserve the types of food reserves (whenever there is a need, the food displayed above all quickly added).

    - Besides, the heat controller is usually installed at moderate heat for fresh food (from 1ºC to 6ºC)

    ban mat salad berjaya

    *** Characteristics of cool salad tables

    - The body of table is made of stainless steel, not changed in all environments and temperatures => durable and ensure hygiene, food safety.

    - The recirculated cooling system by blowing fan does not create frost. The structure of lower cabinet has 2 layers which include Polyurethan insulation and rubber on the cabinet door => to avoid cold air loss, to keep food cool evenly.

    - With the energy consumption equivalent to a family refrigerator, it helps to maintain a suitable temperature or temperature control according to demand => optimal food preservation

    - Internal design with flexible curvature, height adjustable mesh rack and hinges that automatically close when opening angle <90 ° => closes, opens the cabinet door gently, remove or clean easily.

    ban mat salad berjaya


    Only store a moderate amount of food to ensure freshness. On the other hand, the capacity of the salad table is not too big to take advantage for displaying on the table.

    There are many different table sizes depending on the needs of each restaurant or order from Toan Phat to have the most suitable size.


    *** Reconciliation table of The Salad Cool Table Berjaya

    BERJAYA is a famous Malaysian brand in manufacturing European kitchen appliances, refrigerators... Berjaya's industrial refrigerators are popular and trusted in many restaurants and hotels in Vietnam.

    There are different sizes of cool tables such as 1m2, 1m5, 1m8 or 2m1, 2m4, depending on the needs of each restaurant to choose the appropriate size. The cool table of BERJAYA is very convenient to install & store food and salad in restaurant kitchens.

    With a beautiful design, Salad Cool Table BERJAYA is made of stainless steel from the inside out which help to ensure durability and good quality. Stainless steel design also makes it easy to clean. In addition, the table has a strong and durable surface area, very handy for food processing.

    With 230v / 1 / 50hz power, Salad Cool Table BERJAYA always maintains a temperature of 2ºC to 8ºC and can also control the temperature to preserve the food optimally. You can choose to buy a variety of different table sizes or order from Toan Phat to get a more suitable table for different kitchen spaces.

    Toan Phat is a professional importer and distributor of quality industrial kitchen equipment: industrial refrigerators and coolers from Berjaya, Malaysia. We offer a best price for customers, with a full service from delivery, installation & on-site operation, 1-year warranty, help customers feel secure during use.


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