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Berjaya Cake Display Cabinet BERJAYA CCS-15SS-2

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    Berjaya cake display cabinet is one of the product lines in the commercial refrigeration equipment system of the reputable brand Berjaya (Malaysia). With the beautiful design, stable cooling system and frosted-free glass, Berjaya cake display cabinet satisfies customers' fastidious requirements of displaying and storing cakes for cafe, restaurant, supermarket, bakery ...

    Berjaya cake display cabinet comes in many different sizes such as 900cm, 1m2, 1m5, 1m8, 2m4.

    Preserving cake’s quality

    Berjaya cake display cabinet is made with European Danfoss compressor system to help cool faster and keep cakes fresh for a long time without drying cakes like some normal cabinets.

    The luxury of Berjaya cake display cabinet

    Berjaya cake display cabinet CCS-15SS-2 is 1m5 in size with 3 display shelves. The compact model with silver color of premium stainless steel combined with curved glass or square glass design create the luxury and elegant look for the showcase space of shops, supermarkets, ...

    More convenience in use

    The upper body of the cabinet is a display of cakes surrounded by a layer of glass that makes it easy to see the entire of cakes displayed inside. In addition, the cabinet also has a shelf and a lower compartment with function of displaying candy, food, drinks or necessary tools.

    Berjaya cake display cabinet also integrates these features: an electronic temperature meter (which helps you easily check the temperature inside), a defrost system (which helps the area to be clean and avoid leaking water into the circuit).

    In addition, a sliding pull glass door helps to put in, take out and arrange cakes in the convenient way.

    The smart design and different capacities meet all customers’ needs.

    The reasonable design with a wide variety of sizes for many needs and areas plus supported wheels, you can easily put Berjaya Cake Display Cabinet on the counter, on the table or anywhere.

    Sustainable and long-term use

    Berjaya cake display cabinet is designed based on the steel frame and the coal is stainless steel material which is sustainable over time. Around the area of ​​electrical equipment is covered by thick shields ...All of that ensure absolute safety for users.

    Toan Phat specializes in importing and distributing display refrigerators, commercial refrigerators branded Berjaya (Malaysia)­­­: industrial freezer, cool cabinet with 4 wings or 6 wings, frozen fridge, cold table with 2 wings or 3 wings, display cabinet.

    With 10-year experience in the field of import & distribution of commercial refrigerator equipment, display refrigerators, supply design, installation, user guide for customers. In addition, with a warranty of 12 months, long-term maintenance, Toan Phat provides peace of mind for customers when using and we also delivery nationwide.

    Many large restaurants, hotels, and hospital schools have trusted and used Toan Phat's industrial refrigerators and freezers.



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