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    - Dimension (mm): 2100x1100x950 mm
    - Energy used: Gas / LPG
    - Capacity (BTU / h): 220,000 x 2
    - Direct water: Yes
    - Wind fan: Yes

    Today, in the market of industrial kitchen equipment for restaurants - hotels have many different types, diverse in types and origins. In addition to the types of stoves originating from the country, there are many types of stoves imported from abroad such as Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia ... One of the types of stove imported from China is very popular. Chinese restaurants are Hong Kong cookers.

    Hong Kong cookware with a special design has a strong fire to cook stir fry, fried, broth ... are indispensable items in Asian dishes. This is one of the industrial kitchen equipment with modern design and design, convenient for processing various types of dishes. Kitchen size 2100x1100x950, supported with fan and direct water supply. Customers using the kitchen will feel satisfied because the stove for fire is strong, cook dishes very quickly, especially suitable for cooking Chinese dishes that require big fire.

    Another special feature of Hong Kong cooking stove is the height-adjustable leg-mounted stove. Therefore, you do not need to be difficult to increase or decrease the height in accordance with the general design of the kitchen. As a stove of good quality and design, Hong Kong cooking stove is really an ideal choice for restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants.

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