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Electric Oven 1-tier BERJAYA BJY-E6KW-1

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Berjaya Electric Oven is used to make baked goods in restaurants and bakeries. With industrial design and model, this oven is provided with durable and clean stainless steel exterior materials.

1-tier bakery oven Berjaya BJY-E3KW-1BD with a capacity of 10 Kg / hour is suitable for restaurants, small bakeries, convenience stores ... suitable for baking European cakes, Su cake, Mooncake, bread, green bean cake, pastry ... as well as some food for the restaurant.

lo nuong dien 1 tang berjaya

1. Product features

1-tier 2-tray electric oven Berjaya BJY-E6KW-1 is imported 100% raw material from Malaysia, manufactured according to modern technology and has improved features over time to ensure the standards of a professional oven:

Outer shell made of inox material (stainless steel) with high resistance to corrosion, no discoloration and metamorphosis ... ensure use no matter how long there are no dangerous substances for health cling to food.

Oven temperature up to 300 ° C, dual and top temperature adjustment systems, timer mode ... easily monitor and manage cooking time

Bread and food are easy to be brittle, can bake a lot more cakes thanks to the oven baking surface.

Oven voltage 220V / 1P and capacity up to 3000W so whether it is with household electricity, bakery, or fast food store can use Berjaya Floor Oven BJY-E3KW-1BD.

The position of the combustion tube lies above, the modern bottom layer structure, the roon lining surrounds each floor door equipped to help with better heat retention, ensuring the temperature of the uniform furnace from which makes the color of cake or beautiful golden food that still saves and saves energy.

lo nuong dien 1 tang berjaya


lo nuong dien 1 tang berjaya

2. Brand reputation

The Berjaya brand established in 1980 underwent 38 years of production and development on the company's industrial equipment products, which are typically industrial-grade oven lines manufactured on professional production lines, innovation of suitable features, dedicated technical support ... has gradually conquered and been present in the kitchens of supermarkets, food stores, restaurants, hotels and large and small hotels in the world and Vietnam.

In addition, we are a professional unit in the field of providing restaurant kitchen equipment such as European kitchen appliances, grill kitchen equipment, artificial charcoal grill, bread baking, all kinds of double fryers, all kinds Industrial refrigerators, industrial freezers, dishwashers, cold storage from Germany, Italya, Malaysia, Taiwan ... of famous brands such as Mastro, Berjaya ...


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