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Infra red electrical baking oven - 2 deck BJY - E13KW-2BD

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- Model: BJY E13KW 2
- Size: 1250x845x1220 mm
- Energy: 380-415V / 50 Hz
- Power: 13200 W
- Weight: 176 kg
- Capacity: 40kg / hr

2-stage electric oven BERJAYA BSP E12KW - 2 is one of the high-quality ovens and is popular among many countries. As a product under the brand BERJAYA, Malaysia, the 2-stage electric oven is manufactured on a high-tech line, ensuring the standards of a professional oven.

With industrial design and design, using high-strength stainless steel material, 2-stage electric oven BERJAYA BSP E12KW - 2 is very convenient for baking all kinds of cakes not only delicious, but also Beautiful colors, evenly ripened. The ability to adjust temperature and time in the oven makes cooking extremely easy and convenient. Moreover, using stainless steel materials also helps the oven clean, not harmful to the health of users.

The oven has 2 floors, so it can accommodate a large amount of food without spending a lot of space. The circulating voltage in the oven is about 12000W, cooking food fast with electricity, saving energy when used. This is really a suitable choice for many large restaurants, or bakeries to prepare attractive cakes.

Famous brand Berjaya, Malaysia. Toan Phat directly imports and distributes.

In addition, we are a professional unit in the field of providing restaurant kitchen equipment such as European kitchen appliances, grill kitchen equipment, artificial charcoal grill, toaster, single double fryers, Industrial refrigerators, industrial freezers, dishwashers, cold storage from Germany, Italya, Malaysia, Taiwan ... of famous brands such as Mastro, Berjaya ...

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