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100kg Inductrial rice cooker

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- Size: 1200x750x1760 mm
- Multifunctional use: Cooking rice, steaming, steaming meat, fish, chicken ...
- The ability to cook rice quickly, cooked rice evenly, very delicious.
- There is a clock that displays the temperature of the rice cooker during cooking
- Number of doors: 02, including 20 trays, each tray 5kg
- There are 02 water supply valves
- Use gas + electricity


Rice cookers are a very popular kitchen appliance in industrial kitchens. With compact size and very convenient in cooking rice and processing some items such as sticky rice, steamed fish, chicken ...

Industrial rice cookers use automatic electrical systems, automatically cook rice for about 50 minutes (3 phase power) or 70 minutes (single phase power). Toan Phat's industrial rice steamer makes use of Japanese electric & starting devices, Korean switches and balls to ensure high durability for customers, minimizing technical incidents. in use.
Rice steaming cabinet helps to save rice and fuel, the principle of cooking rice with the heat around it helps the rice to ripen evenly and less burnt like the traditional methods. Faster cooking speed and manpower saving in the kitchen.


Toan Phat Company specializes in manufacturing, importing and distributing industrial rice cabinets with different capacities of 30kg, 50kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg with many different sizes .... for restaurants and hotels , school ... with outstanding quality and the most reasonable price.

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