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Stainless steel gas griddle GG 3BFS berjaya

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- Manufacturer: Berjaya (Malaysia)
- Model: GG 3BFS
- Size: 900x720x930 mm
- Gas comsumption: 78000 Btu/Hr
- Number of burner: 3
- Weight: 84 kg

- Includes foot made in Vietnam

In addition to the types of household cookers used to process and cook food, there are also many types of specialized cookers for cooking various dishes such as steamed stoves, grilled stoves ... One of them Also used in many restaurants is the fryer.

Frying kitchen with stand stand is a specialized kitchen product, supported with stand to help users can easily control in many locations. This type of fryer is imported from brand BERJAYA in Malaysia for good quality and high performance. With the dimensions of 900x720 + 60x930 mm and the surface area of ​​895x455 mm, the kitchen is very convenient for users to process a lot of food.

A frying kitchen with a stand has three small stoves on the surface of the fry, which use gas as a heat-generating fuel. Because it is surrounded by stainless steel between fried face and gas stove, the food when fried is not haunted and very safe for users. In addition, the frying stove gives a large heat capacity of about 78,000 BTU / Hr, making food fast and even. Although there is so much heat, the stove does not drain oil or burn oil, it even saves and keeps the amount of oil needed. The frying kitchen with stand base is suitable for many large restaurants and hotels.

Toan Phat is proud to be the importer and distributor of European kitchen equipment BERJAYA from Malaysia. The products we offer are not only diverse in terms of type and purpose, but also very convenient and easy to use. With enthusiastic customer care, user guide and long-term maintenance warranties, we hope to bring satisfaction to customers.

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