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Smoke eliminator

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The smoke of industrial kitchens in restaurants, kitchens of companies and businesses is always generated in a huge amount every day. Without treatment, smoke will pollute the environment and directly affect people in the kitchen. Or stick to foods that cause unpleasant odors. Smoke eliminator will be the best choice to handle this situation in the industrial kitchen. It also helps improve the living and working environment.

chup hut khoi inox

Quality and modern design

Smoke eliminator is a device in the smoke extraction and treatment system of restaurant kitchens, private kitchens... The product is produced by Toan Phat Company, made of high quality and safe 304 stainless steel material. Smoke eliminator from Toan Phat uses stainless steel filter and grease box. The whole product is designed according to the design and industrial structure.

chup hut khoi inox

Smoke eliminator combined with other equipment such as common smoke pipes, sound pipes, shrink pipes, ... forming smoke exhaust systems for industrial kitchens to ensure aesthetics, effectiveness in eliminating smoke and heat in the kitchen.

The disadvantage of industrial exhaust system is making noise during operation. The solution is to attach a sound absorption tube.

chup hut khoi inox

Instructions for maintenance, prolonging the lifespan of smoking hoods

- Due to the smoke extraction system connected to the power source, when cleaning, it is required to disconnect the power first to ensure safety

- The smoke eliminator has a lot of dirt and grease. So, use a wet, absorbent specialized towel to clean the outside. Then wipe with a dry cloth.

- Internal parts for smoke should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month.

- Clean the grease filter: remove the filter, soak it in soap for about 15 minutes then rub it thoroughly. Dry before looping into the system.

- Up to 3 months to clean the smoke extraction system once. Because when oil and grease stick much, it will be hard and difficult to clean so it affects product lifespan.

Toan Phat specializes in providing all kinds of smoke extraction and design consultancy for industrial exhaust system effectively and economically.

In addition, we produce medical stainless steel devices with high durability and meet all requirements of different sizes & needs of customers with affordable prices:

* Stainless steel tables and chairs used in canteens, hospital schools, factories.

* Stainless steel beds, stainless steel medicine cabinets used in hospitals

* Stainless steel trolley 1-2 floors, cargo trolley, tray trolley…

* Stainless steel shelves 1-2-3-4 floors for food, dishes

* Industrial stainless steel food cabinets

We accept large orders with delivery service, installation support and specific usage instructions for customers. With a warranty of 12 months, long-term maintenance, nationwide delivery, Toan Phat is committed to provide peace of mind when buying and using for you. In addition, Toan Phat also provides solutions for designing kitchen packages, kitchen equipment that meet your needs.

Many large restaurants, hotels, and hospital schools have trusted and used Toan Phat's industrial refrigerators and freezers.

Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support:

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