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Toan Phat Medical Trolley

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Most of the machines and household appliances now use stainless steel (stainless steel) as the main material, especially the application of stainless steel in the production of medical equipment has brought a new face to the health sector…Let's go to find out the great advantages when using stainless steel trolleys to explain why it is so great to use stainless steel as materials.

xe day thiet bi y te inox

Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, hardness and higher durability, strong endurance at lower temperature, furthermore it reacts less well (only with austenitic steel). hygienic and recyclable.

Choosing stainless steel as materials in the production of medical equipment (surgical instruments, shelves, beds, stainless steel cabinets ...) is reasonable. In environmental conditions, there is always a high concentration of alcohol, antiseptic, stainless steel material to help prevent the corrosion of chemicals. In addition, stainless steel materials are easy to clean.

Recently, stainless steel trolleys have been widely used, becoming an indispensable transport device in most hospitals and medical facilities. These cars are economical with light, compact features, designed with wheels to help users easily move, under the trolley with locking system to ensure safety when moving or stopping.

Medical trolleys include many types, depending on the purpose of use: trolleys delivering stainless steel, garbage trucks, emergency trolleys ...

With high durability, stainless steel trolleys save a lot of cost, optimize product life time.

xe day thiet bi y te inox

Advantages of Toan Phat Medical Trolley:

- Toan Phat medical trolley is folded with hydraulic shielding machine which helps increase hardness and safety when using.

- The body is used stainless steel 304 which is super durable, high corrosion resistance and easy to clean.

- The weld on the car is welded by Agon gas to avoid oxidation, increase the stability of the structure.

- The stand is made of ø38mm round stainless steel, with 4 wheels to move easily, including 2 locking wheels to fix.

Toan Phat specializes in manufacturing and processing various types of strollers for different needs such as stainless steel trolleys, food trolley, medicine trolley & medical tools. Stainless steel trolleys produced by Toan Phat has high durability, meet the demand of customers and are trusted and used by many customers.

Some samples made by Toan Phat Inox:


In addition, we produce medical stainless steel devices with high durability and meet all requirements of different sizes & needs of customers with affordable prices:

* Stainless steel tables and chairs used in canteens, hospital schools, factories.

* Stainless steel beds, stainless steel medicine cabinets used in hospitals

* Stainless steel trolley 1-2 floors, cargo trolley, tray trolley…

* Stainless steel shelves 1-2-3-4 floors for food, dishes

* Industrial stainless steel food cabinets

We accept large orders with delivery service, installation support and specific usage instructions for customers. With a warranty of 12 months, long-term maintenance, nationwide delivery, Toan Phat is committed to provide peace of mind when buying and using for you. In addition, Toan Phat also provides solutions for designing kitchen packages, kitchen equipment that meet your needs.

Many large restaurants, hotels, and hospital schools have trusted and used Toan Phat's industrial refrigerators and freezers.

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