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3-Storey Flat Stainless Steel Shelf

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3-storey flat stainless steel shelf is applied in many different cases and fields, especially in the restaurants and industrial kitchens. They help to keep things, food, and equipment easier and tidy.

ke inox phang 3 tang

Flat stainless steel kitchen shelves can be produced in many sizes depending on the needs of customers and the space of the kitchen. Normally, there will be 1 level, 2 levels, 3 levels to 5 levels for customers to choose.

ke inox phang 3 tang

3-storey flat stainless steel shelf has many advantages from material, size to design style:

● Application: It is widely used in restaurants, shops, hotels ... to help save space, is one of the convenient solutions to reduce costs, while increasing the aesthetics of the kitchen area.

● 3-storey flat stainless steel shelf will be used in the neatest and tidiest manner. Depending on the demand, customers will choose the type of stainless steel shelf suitable for their work. According to the function, there will be types: shelves for equipment, cupboards, shelves, shelves ... According to the design, there will be 2-storey, 3-storey shelves ...

● Flat stainless steel shelves will often be designed with a base with high bearing capacity, so it is possible to leave heavy objects without worrying about falling, breaking or malfunctioning ... very convenient.

● Stainless steel material used is 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1mm, resistant to rust, corrosion and over time, ensuring firmness, high durability, and eliminating hard marks on the Surface, should be a lot of people choose to apply in their restaurants, kitchens.

ke inox phang 3 tang

Toan Phat Company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment, stainless steel shelves with high durability and meet all size requirements as well as meet the different use needs of customers with prices reasonable.

We are proud to be the supplier of stainless steel equipment for many schools, hospitals, large canteens in Ho Chi Minh City like 19/5 preschool, 30-4 hospital, Hoa Sen university, Hong restaurant. Crane, Saigon An Lam resort, IBS company, Sea Food ...

Some stainless steel shelf products that Toan Phat provides:


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