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In your industrial kitchen, there are dozens of things to use such as dishes, spices, kitchen equipment ... and you cannot show them all the limited space of the kitchen. The reasonable and convenient arrangement of equipment contributes significantly help for the chef in the cooking process. Because of that, you will need Stainless Steel Shelf Wall.

ke inox treo tuong

Stainless Steel Shelf Wall TOAN PHAT is made from imported high quality stainless steel, very durable when used. Stainless Steel Shelf Wall is easy to clean so the surface is always shiny. 304 stainless steel material is up to 1mm thick for durability. Special function of Stainless Steel Shelf Wall TOAN PHAT are heat-resistant, load-bearing, anti-rust, anti-corrosion due to the location of the shelf is often on European kitchen appliances, Asian kitchen appliances, stainless steel sinks ...

ke inox treo tuong

In addition, Stainless Steel Shelf Wall TOAN PHAT is also folded by hydraulic shielding machine to help increase the hardness and safety when using, covering the welding with Agon gas to avoid oxidation. In order to hang firmly and long-term use, Toan Phat has used the high quality tacke, customers are assured of safety.

ke inox treo tuong

Shelves are designed with many different sizes, there are many levels suitable for each kitchen space.

Toan Phat Company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment, stainless steel shelves with high durability which meet all size requirements as well as the different needs of customers with prices reasonable.

We are proud to be the supplier of stainless steel equipment for many schools, hospitals, large canteens in Ho Chi Minh City like 19/5 preschool, 30-4 hospital, Hoa Sen university, Hong restaurant. Crane, Saigon An Lam resort, IBS company, Sea Food ...



* Sản phẩm chất lượng, nguồn gốc xuất xứ rõ ràng.

* Dịch vụ tư vấn lắp đặt giao hàng chu đáo.

* Bảo hành bảo trì nhanh chóng, linh kiện chính hãng.

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