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The Meat Grinder BERJAYA BJY-MM12L

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The Meat Grinder Berjaya BJY-MM12L from Malaysia is the best product to serve in kitchen, restaurant, fish meat shop, collective kitchen, food processing facilities ...where need a large amount of ground meat for cooking. The machine is designed conveniently and smartly, made of stainless steel, high strength cast iron, contribute to ensuring food safety and hygiene. Come to Toan Phat to choose the product that best suits your needs.


1. Functionality

The Meat Grinder Berjaya BJY-MM12L is a support device in the food processing such as: grind, make sausage, make spring rolls, produce pate, cook porridge… It helps to make the meat more delicious, improve the quality of the dish.

2. Characteristics:

  • Durable, healthy machine: The Meat Grinder Berjaya BJYMM12L has a powerful capacity of 1300W using a strong 220-240V / 1P / 50Hz voltage, faster grinding and more durable thanks to the alloy shaft which is made of alloy and is equipped with automatic power off system when overloaded.
  • Multipurpose blender: The Meat Grinder Berjaya BJYMM12L has a big metal funnel to hold a large amount of meat. It also has a sharp stainless steel blade with 4 style of grinding which help grind evenly and finely food such as meat, fish and vegetables in high volume with speed of 120kg / h
  • Contribute to ensure food safety: rotary blades and long spinning units are completely made of highgrade 304 stainless steel so it has high anti-rust and anti-abrasion properties, does not produce toxic substances, keep original quality and safe for health.
  • Compact, simple design: The Meat Grinder Berjaya BJYMM12L has a box size of 360 x 190 x 415 mm with a weight of 21kg, a compact design that is removable and easy to clean after using.


3. Benefits from Toan Phat

- Genuine products, imported by Toan Phat

- Delivery & installation in place.

- Reasonable price, prestigious warranty.

- View products directly at the Toan Phat showroom - 210 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, District 3.


Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support:


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