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TOAN PHAT is proud to be a professional contractor in the field of construction of restaurant industrial kitchen systems in Vietnam! The restaurant kitchen equipment we provide is genuine, directly imported and reputable warranty for customers.


Below is the process of construction of Toan Phat restaurant kitchen system:

+ Understanding needs:

This is a very important step because the correct assessment of customer needs greatly determines the success of the industrial kitchen system. We need to determine exactly the functions and tasks of the kitchen system, the scale of the kitchen, the level of equipment investment, the area and the installation location, thereby giving the specific precise advice to the guests. line.

+ Survey: Surveying the kitchen makes kitchen design more accurate and quick. Toan Phat's technicians will measure the actual area of the kitchen, as well as consider the location of installing equipment, smoke extraction systems and industrial gas systems for the kitchen.

+ Consulting - design:  After understanding the actual needs & measurement, Toan Phat will have specific advice for customers based on our experience so that customers can choose the appropriate kitchen equipment as well as the installation location. reasonable. Then we will design the Auto Cad drawing device to send the customer.

+ Unified design:  We will adjust the design to match the desires & customer needs. For customers wishing we will design Sketchup drawings (3D) so you can visualize the image of the kitchen after it is completed.

+Estimation: After the design step, we will send the estimate of equipment to the customer.
If the customer agrees with the estimate, the two parties will sign a contract to build the restaurant kitchen system.
After signing the contract, Phat Phat will send the construction schedule to customers.

 + Electric M&E drawings:
Next step, Toan Phat's engineers will design M&E drawings to show the location of water supply and electricity, the location of installation of drainage ditches, smoke exhaust for you..

+ Import goods & production:  All stainless steel kitchen appliances such as stainless steel tables, stainless steel sinks, stainless steel shelves, stainless steel cabinets we produce are suitable for your kitchen size.
For equipment not available we will proceed to import goods.


+ Delivery on the project:  When the ground is ready and the equipment has been imported and manufactured, we will deliver the goods and assemble the equipment to the construction site to prepare for construction and installation.

+ Construction and installation:  The equipment will be arranged appropriately according to the drawings, we will proceed to connect the equipment to the power and water waiting terminals and you have prepared according to the drawings, adjust the device is not suitable

+ Acceptance of the project:  After completing the installation process, it will be the acceptance of the project. And instructions for use, advice on the use and preservation as well as the warranty period for equipment maintenance, ensuring equipment can be used long term.

Above are the steps to build Toan Phat's restaurant kitchen system. We hope to bring the best service and satisfaction to our customers. For best advice and quotation, please contact:


Chi nhánh Tp.Hồ Chí Minh:

Trụ sở chính: 471 Hoàng Sa, Phường 8, Quận 3, HCM

Showroom: 210 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Phường 6, Quận 3, HCM

Chi nhánh Nha Trang:

Chánh Bổn building, 02 Lê Thành Phương, Phương Sài, Nha Trang

Chi nhánh Đà Nẵng:

Xã Hoà Châu, Huyện Hoà Vang, Tp Đà Nẵng

Chi nhánh Hà Nội:

Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội

Hotline: 08 9838 9838 – 0905 91 5679

Facebook: https://goo.gl/iSzwf5

Youtube: https://goo.gl/RZut95

Website:  www.toanphatcorp.vn Toàn Phát – Niềm Tin – Chất Lượng cho mọi dự án!

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