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4-wing Refrigerator BERJAYA

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    Industrial cooling fridge is an indespensible device in kitchens at restaurants. However, not every consumer know what type of fridge fits the best. As a famous brand, the berjaya cooling fridge with 4 panels is a great choice for your kitchen.

    tu mat cong nghiep 4 canh berjaya4-wing Berjaya refrigerator is the preferred device to preserve cool foods such as vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs ... for industrial kitchens. Capacity of 1103 liters, spacious storage, stable temperature from 1 to 6 degrees C helps preserve long-lasting food & ensure the quality of food before cooking.


    4-cabinet cooling fridge with advanced cooling system and temperature stability, reasonable design helps food be best preserved, not dehydrated and mixed with odor.

    - Reduce power consumption thanks to smart design with 2 upper halves, stable and accurate performance control system and good insulation system.

    - Easy to use with temperature display frame with LCD smart mode and monitor, change temperature by adjusting button. Digital temperature controllers set the parameters for you to customize to suit the operation of the cabinet.

    - Storage shelves inside the cabinet can be adjusted to different heights, depending on the intended use.

    - Faster cooling cabinet, more stable temperature thanks to compressor, cooling system and electric control parts, components are imported and applied the most advanced technology from Europe.

    - 4 wings BERJAYA BS 4DUC / Z fridge is designed with elegant cabinet design, very solid surface, high quality stainless steel material for the kitchen room of the restaurant, the hotel adds elegance and becomes more professional.

    tu mat 4 canh berjaya

    4-wing refrigerator is manufactured by brand BERJAYA, Maylaysia, has long been a good friend with kitchen appliances such as brown stove, fryer, freezer ... The cabinet is made entirely from durable stainless steel, with 4 wings handy, easy for cleaning and cleaning. With industrial design and luxurious design, 4-wing refrigerator BERJAYA makes kitchen space much more professional and beautiful.

    The refrigerator has a large capacity of 1,054 liters, which helps to store many different foods such as salad, vegetables, tubers, fruits, etc. Besides, the cabinet always maintains the temperature from 0-15ºC, without food Dry due to dehydration. The cabinet is also equipped with an external LCD temperature notification system, which can be conveniently controlled by the user. This is really a refrigerator that deserves attention.

    tu mat cong nghiep 4 canh berjaya

    Notes for using:

    For the industrial cooler BERJAYA BS 4DUC / Z can prolong the life in your home, you need to pay attention to a few basic things:

    Clean the machine regularly

    Keep the cabinet standing in a cool place, avoiding too close to the cooking area

    If the cabinet components (shelves, zangs, etc.) are moved, reassemble them properly.

    Before plugging in the cabinet to restart the cabinet, it is recommended to open the cabinet door for about 2 hours and avoid moving so that the gas meter is stable and accumulated gas escapes.

    Genuine products, 12-month warranty, on-site installation, user guide, after-sales service and attentive customer care, competitive prices are the criteria that Toan Phat always focuses on when supplying products and services to customers.

    Toan Phat specializes in importing and distributing industrial refrigerators and freezers with brand Berjaya, Malaysia:

    - Industrial refrigerators, coolers with 4 wings, 6 wings, 2 freezer coolers. Cold table 2 wings, 3 wings, winter table, Refrigerator display food, cake ...

    tu mat berjaya

    We accept large orders with delivery service, installation support and specific usage instructions for customers. With a warranty of 12 months, long-term maintenance, nationwide delivery, Toan Phat is committed to providing peace of mind when buying and using for you. In addition, Toan Phat also provides solutions for designing kitchen packages, providing restaurant kitchen equipment, meeting your needs.

    Many large restaurants, hotels, and hospital schools have trusted and used Toan Phat's industrial refrigerators and freezers. Please contact Toan Phat for best advice and support



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